Transferred one registration to GoDaddy from Cloudflare

I’m quite lost at this point.
I had registered a domain with Cloudflare over a year ago. I setup hosting with Bluehost. Cloudflare didn’t allow for changing nameservers unless it was a business account. I was not aware of this restriction when I registered the domain. The domain sat for months until I could change the nameservers. I deleted the DNS Records and transferred the registration to GoDaddy.
Nameservers were changed at GoDaddy to Bluehost. All the DNS records were setup. The website today will not fully propagate and gives a “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” error. I have spent weeks talking to all parties except Cloudflare.I have been using DNS Checker, Domain Health Checker, CPanel, etc. I can’t find anything wrong, but I am not very well versed in this.

All DNS records, nameservers IPs, Point To URLs, propagation checkers, GoDaddy registration, etc. have been reviewed and checked many times by myself and suport from all or parties. Early on all records were deleted and added new again. Perhaps a review of the domains audit log.

I don’t how to check or what to check at this point.

Can you share the website name?


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Thank you. Check your audit log for 30 July, it appears that domain (zone) was deleted on that date and purged from your account. It appears the nameservers changed away from Cloudflare. I suspect give the dates on whois and ICANN Lookup that the domain registration expired and the nameservers reverted to the registrar’s default servers.

Your audit log is located here,

Thanks Cloonan. I have about 25 or so entries in the log for the 30th. Am I looking for a particular Action? I see a number of Rec Del and Rec Adds, also a Subdomain Registered and a Purge on Aug 7th. What am I looking for?

You can filter by the domain name to see just those entries

I believe the delete action is the 7th entry in that table for the above domain.

I see an entry with a “zone delete: Certificate pack deleted”. Is that what I’m looking for. I know that the nameservers were changed to Bluehost on GoDaddy after the transfer. This is what I needed.

I tried to include the image of the audit log but it says I can’t send a URL.

The is a zone purge on Aug 6th.

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I checked on GoDaddy and the nameservers are pointed to Bluehost. There are no DNS records on GoDaddy. They are on Bluehost. A record, cname, mx, ns, ext.

The certificate deletion follows the zone deletion. The zone delete is just a row or two under the certificate pack

Sorry about that, you should be able to now.

Y, the purge happens 7 days after a zone is deleted.

Is the end goal to get the zone/site/domain active on Cloudflare? If so, select Add a site and add it back to your account and then change the nameservers to the two shown on your DNS tab.

No, this site I need on GoDaddy and Bluehost. But I doesn’t seem to propagate fully. I get a “[DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN]” error on every browser I try. I’ve cleared browser cache but still nothing. I have checked and rechecked everything on GD & BH as have their support people but they assure me it isn’t a problem there. I was trying to see if anything might not have cleared or have been deleted on Cloudflare that might be holding up propagation for this site. Noone can seem to get this working…

Thank you, that’s helpful. It appears DNSSEC is active and that can prevent propagation from happening. Godaddy should be able to remove those records if you ask them, let us know if they cannot.

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Thank you. I’ll get on that.


It worked. So many people have looked at this and couldn’t find it. Thank you so much.