Transferred, now, I cannot move to a different cPanel account

I transferred all my domains with you (to the Registrar), now, one I need to move one of my sites into a different cPanel account, inside the same VPS, I moved everything as supposed, deregitered the addon domain and at the time I wanted to add it into the new account I get:

“This domain points to an IP address that does not use the DNS servers associated with this server. Transfer the domain to this server’s nameservers at the domain’s registrar or update your system to recognize the current DNS servers. To do this, use WHM’s Configure Remote Service IPs interface.”

Which makes sense, however, how can I point the domain to the server?

I tried adding an NS record with my old info in CF, but it did not work, same error… how can I achieve this? Or I will never be able to reactivate my domain again? Now my site is down. :frowning:

I will check that Configure Remote Service IPs interface, but any advice would be useful.


Are you saying that the domain is on Cloudflare Registrar, or is it just using the standard Cloudlfare proxy service? If it’s just the standard Cloudflare proxy service, then you can go to your domain registrar and temporarily change the name servers to the ones your host wants you to use.

NS records won’t have an effect on which name servers are queried for a domain.

No, in the Registrar.

That sounds a lot like this thread:

Well, my domain was using Cloudflare, then I transferred it into the Registrar. Would have expected to have control over it as usual.

After checking the “Configure Remote Service IPs interface” documentation:

You have to find the Cloudflare IP addresses from the assigned servers and add the records to the VPS.

Once I did that, and restarted, I was able to add the domain in the new account. My site seems to be working again. Guess I am fortunate to work with a VPS, do not know if shared servers could do this,

But, if you are with Cloudflare registrar, changing servers does not seem easy. :dizzy_face:

Thanks sdayman