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I don’t know much about domain setup. Our church recently changed our name so I went out and secured 4-5 domain names through Godaddy (.org, .net, .com, etc…). I transferred the name server from Godaddy to my Cloudflare account and I can now see all of the domains in my account listed as active.

My question is: do I need to renew these domains each year through Godaddy or Cloudflare? They are set to auto-renew through Godaddy but I’m not sure. This also pertains to our current domain (which will soon be obsolete).

Hi @chris40,

If you have just changed the nameservers to point to Cloudflare, you will just be using the DNS service, which means that GoDaddy is still your domain registrar and it is them that you will need to renew your domain with.

Cloudflare does offer registrar services which you may wish to look into, but at the moment, it sounds like you will need to renew through GoDaddy.

Thank you! If I were to make Cloudflare my new registrar, will I keep my current subscription of the domain, or will I have to pay to renew again right away?

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If you transfer to Cloudflare, you will have to pay again, however this will add a year onto however long the domain is already registered for, so you won’t lose out in the long run!

Please note, you can’t transfer a domain away until it has been registered for 60 days so you may need to wait a bit before you can transfer from GoDaddy depending on when you registered them.

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