Transferred my domain from Google to Cloudflare. 😬 And broke everything

My personal domain ( was previously registered at Google. I did not have a hosted website, but instead had a 301 redirect in place to my LinkedIn profile ( I can’t get that to work here. I have the redirect set up in “Page Rules”, but I don’t know what to do for DNS A or CNAME.

A separate issue is that I was able to forward the email to a few different aliases ([email protected], [email protected], etc.) to a free Gmail account (and send from them as well). How can I get something like that set up here?

You can 301 redirect like this:

As far as email is concerned, Cloudflare doesn’t provide email services. You’ll need a mail server to handle those forwards.


Sweetness! The dummy IP was the missing piece. It’s working perfectly now.

Thank you!


Glad you got the redirect working! Just to add to what @sdayman said,

If all you need is forwarding, you could use a free service such as who will give you records to set up at Cloudflare, and you can create the forwarders there.


I did it (the mail thing)!

I have Office365 for my business, and I was able to set up everything so I can send and receive my personal mail through my O365 account.

  1. Went to Microsoft 365 admin center / Setup / Domains and added my other domain (including setting up all the DNS records here at Cloudflare per Microsoft).
  2. With that domain at my disposal, I created a shared mailbox (admin center / Groups / Shared mailboxes), and authorized myself full access.
  • The only hiccups I encountered were needing to ALSO add the personal domain to Proofpoint’s list of sending domains, and replace O365’s MX records with Proofpoint’s (and being patient for DNS propagation).

If anyone needs help doing this, hit me up. I can go into more detail for you.


Excellent, really glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: