Transferred existing site; DNS records created automatically; delete and readd?

Transferred an existing site and the DNS info was created on Cloudflare automatically. Do I need to delete those and add specific ones? The IP address looks to be pointing to my previous provider in the SRV and TXT lines. I’m not sure if I need to update those with Cloudflare’s info and if so, where do I find the info to do that? My site has been down for several days since transferring. My webhosting has been changed to Cloudways if that makes any difference. I moved from Surpasshosting who did all the hosting, dns and email. Email is the only thing I have working 100% at this point.

Cloudflare tries to scan current public DNS records for your site. If you had your domain on Cloudflare before, it often remembers your previous settings.

Bottom line is that Cloudflare DNS needs to be a perfect match to your current host’s DNS. As you’re using Cloudways, it’s just the IP address for the website itself, and the ‘www’ record.

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