Transferred domains not showing to Subscriptions

I have recently transferred 2 domain under Cloudflare. I have paid for those domains and I have the receipt as well. The issue is that those domains are not showing under my Subscriptions and I have just received an email that are expiring soon. Any advices?


Are they showing up in Manage Domains at

Yes I can see both domains there.

If you click Manage for that domain, you should be able to renew/add years.

But it shows that it’s expiring on Jan 19, 2023.
I am confused because I have received an expiring soon email from cloudflare ([email protected])

That’s about two weeks (and a year) away. Since you had it set to Autorenew, it may have just now renewed it, but let you know it was nearing its expiration date so you could check to make sure it renewed.

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So everything it’s fine now I guess ?

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