Transferred domain to clouflare and website down


I transferred my domain (see attached) from godaddy to cloudflare and now my website down. I received the following feedback (see attached) but not sure what to do at this point. Thank you for your help!

You have “too many redirects”…

Check your SSL/TLS setting is set to “Full (strict)” in your dashboard here…

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I’m so happy you found the issue… I turned it to “full strict” - it works!! :slight_smile:

I also had email associated with godaddy on microsoft office but now I can’t log in. Do you know how this should be resolved as well?

Also, it offers this to be toggled to “on” - do you recommend this be turned on as well?

To check if your website can use a more secure SSL/TLS mode, enable the SSL/TLS Recommender. Receive an email with Cloudflare’s recommendation.

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My guess, you should set the DNS record for the email subdomain to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”.

If using “Full (strict)” you are using the most secure mode available to non-Enterprise plans, so no real need to turn this on.

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Thanks for sharing I don’t have to toggle it on.

Hmm, it shows that it’s set to “DNS only” (see screenshot)

It also offers me a wizard showing to “add to add an SPF record and define what mail servers are allowed to send mail for your domain” but the wizard seems like it’s intended for wizards only :wink: I have no idea how to fill that form out.

I recommend avoiding the SPF “wizard”. It usually does more harm than good and tries to do bad things like SPF flattening. You are better off to hand write a proper SPF record using the guidance offered by your email provider.

You use Microsoft 365 email, which means you have no email hostnames in your domain that would need to be set to :grey: DNS Only.

Where are you trying to log in to your Microsoft email and what error do you encounter?

and now email is working - I’m not sure what happened, but I’ll just go with accepting that I will not know!

Thanks for offering your help.

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