Transferred domain to cloudflare, points to wrong name server

I am using Cloudflare for DNS with the domain for quite some time and decided to transfer it to Cloudflare Registrar. My old registrar made we wait some days before sending the auth-code. I forgot about it for some days. On the day the registration ran out, I added the auth-code on Cloudflare and the domain got successfully transferred. But my old registrar started some quarantine period on that day and mus have replaced the cloudflare name servers with their own on that day.

Whois correctly shows Cloudflare as the Registrar, but the wrong name servers.

I tried contacting support as other posts recommended, but only got the automated response that I should post here. Ticket number 2274391.

Do I have to wait 72 hours before tagging MoreHelp to get my domain to work again or are there any other options?

Those get garbled from time to time. Thanks for the ticket #. I’ve escalated it, and you’re just in luck because @Chris_M just showed up.


On it! Will follow up in ticket as this will require a change on our end!


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