Transferred Domain To Cloudflare. Cant change nameservers

Trying to change nameservers to be something other than Cloudflare, causing issues with emails for my client so want to change nameservers back to the original while I troubleshoot and fix it in the new year. However cant change nameservers, being forced to use Cloudflare only. And error code 10000 and 500 when trying to change the domain back to the original registrar. So massive issue, and stuck as cant sort it. So any help would be greatly appreciated, and fast. Thank s

Domains registered through Cloudflare cannot use nameservers other than the assigned ones. You would need to transfer to another registrar for that.

However, usually it is enough to simply configure the correct DNS entries on Cloudflare. Make sure you did that and the site should work.

You probably best pause Cloudflare first to verify that

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