Transferred domain to CF changed nameservers to old register

Hi guys, I’ve transferred my two of domains 3 days ago to Cloudflare, while they was and keep pointing to Cloudflare nameservers, today morning I’ve received an email from Cloudflare that one of these domains has changed to point for old register (Godaddy)!! … Nothing can be done from Godaddy’s side, nor I can find an option in dashboard at Cloudflare where I can change nameservers!! … How that could happen and what I can do? … I have 10 more domains I planned to transfer them one by one to avoid such error but now I am afraid that I may face such issue that I have to wait for support team to do it from their side !!

This is a known error unique to Cloudflare. The old registrar is able to change the name servers for around a week after you transfer to Cloudflare. This means you lose control of your domain because there is no ability to edit your name servers (again, a limitation unique to Cloudflare), and Cloudflare only works if you are using Cloudflare-operated name servers.

This is an error that Cloudflare could fix centrally, for all their customers, within a few minutes but, instead, each customer has to notice that it has happened and submit a support ticket, meaning the domain remains out of their control for at least a day or two, and well over a week in the case of one guy (@kunal10002003) who found it almost impossible to get them to understand the nature of the problem.

Discussed more fully in this thread, it might more sense to ask for help from there because, at least, the actual problem has already been established there: Domain Transferred to CF De-Activated

Submit a support ticket and, then, post its number to that thread. Once support actually understand what has happened, it only takes them a minute to edit your name servers for you.

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Actually, I’ve submitted this issue for support team and they have said that it is an issue from their side and will be resolved a while, here is the ticket number #1653879
Hope it will solved soon.