Transferred Domain from Shopify but DNS records not propagating

I migrated a domain from Shopify to Cloudflare. It has been moved over fully for over a week.

However, it is still loading DNS that seems tied to Shopify? Shopify has confirmed the migration is 100% done and so said to ask you.

I suspect it relates to DNSSEC as I am not sure if it was active or disabled by Shopify before they unlocked it for transfer.

If that is the case, what do I do? I contacted Support and they directed me to use the Community here.

If you move away from Shopify then it may well be this, unfortunately a common problem that Shopify themselves should be aware of and let you know about.


This does seem like my issue, thank you so much!!!


I am having a lot of trouble getting Cloudflare Support to actually ASSIST with my issue. They keep rejecting and sending me to the Cloudflare Community, even with my latest submission containing all of these details and it certainly seems like only Cloudflare Support can FIX the issue. I am not sure what else I can do?

You can use this tool and get it sorted very quickly.


Thank you, sorry I DID actually try that link and I thought it was broken because the submit button didn’t do anything. I realize now I didn’t enter the hostname in the correct format (no https://). I will try this out now!


This worked fantastically and done in minutes!!! Thank you so much!


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