Transferred domain from namecheap to cloudflare but site site still pulling from namecheap

I already sent a ticket: 2276198 is the domain name

after transfer from namecheap to cloudflare registrar my domain shows me a namecheap page. transfer is complete on namecheap and they told me to contact cloudflare to check if the nameservers were updated properly thanks for your help.

Hi @master13,

Looks like your domain has transferred to Cloudflare, but the nameservers do look incorrect.

I’m escalating this to the support team.

ooof. thanks a bunch.

how long do the support team usually take to resolve an issue like this?

hello? it’s been 3 days, my website is still down. i don’t understand how cloudflare could offer a service and not have a support team behind it for issues like this. it’s not like I’m on the free version of their domain names. this is absurd. my money making website is down because of a domain registrar…it’s 2021. this is unforgivable. can anybody help me here?

Hi @master13,

Have you not had a reply on the ticket at all? I escalated it here and was told that it had been internally escalated as well.

i have, they said they escalated it, but it’s been 3 days since I heard anything back from them.

3 days for something as critical as this…i hope you can see why I’m concerned.

I can completely understand, but unfortunately there is nothing else we can do here. I’m afraid you will have to address it via the ticket.

okay thanks, dom

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