Transferred domain but nameservers are wrong

I transferred a domain to Cloudflare but the nameservers aren’t matching and I can’t manage the domain to update them to the nameservers set for the website. When I click on manage next to the domain, it just redirects me back to the Manage Domains page. Not sure how to proceed but the website is now down and I don’t have any solution. I even tried removing the site but that doesn’t work as i get a red banner with “he zone cannot be deleted as the domain is currently registered through Cloudflare’s registrar. If you wish to delete the domain registration please contact support for assistance.” I just want the domain to match with the website in Cloudflare and obviously don’t wish to remove the registration. Any help or suggestions?

If the Cloudflare nameservers for a Cloudflare registered domain don’t match the allocated ones in your dashboard, then you need to raise a Cloudflare Registrar ticket to ask for them to be updated, here…

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Thank you! I just submitted the ticket.

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