Transferred Domain but Domain is inactive

I transferred a domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare, but till now the domain says inactive.

I will like to know how to change the domain DNS on Cloudflare to point to my host.

Remember right now the domain is with Cloudflare as the Domain Host and I have searched everywhere but cannot get where to change the DNS for Domains Hosted under Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is not a web host. They only proxy traffic to your existing server. The DNS records at Cloudflare should look just like the DNS records at your web host.

Just like I stated, Cloudflare is hosting the domain right now not the web service. So I have transferred the DOMAIN HOSTING SERVICE to Cloudflare, and now the site is inactive. So I want to know how the domain DNS can be changed to point properly. Thank you.

Cloudflare does not run any servers that allow you to put your website on it [other than via serverless, but i doubt you’re using that]. CF is only a proxy to a server you already have that runs your actual website.

Your web host (I guess Namecheap if you’re paying for something like wordpress hosting or other hosting) should provide you an IP address you’ll need to put into the DNS tab at Cloudflare. This shouldn’t have changed when you transferred to CF, but your old host might have deactivated the hosting on transfer.

I just transferred the DOMAIN to Cloudflare but I cannot change the DNS. Thank you.

Do you mean change nameservers away from Cloudflare, or just managing DNS? Cf runs a DNS service and you can manage the DNS records on the DNS page, but you can’t actually change the authoritative nameservers away from Cloudflare when it’s the registrar.

No, the domain expired and was pointed to another service and not my current web host, now after the domain was transferred to Cloudflare and there’s no where I can change the domain DNS.

If it can be done from the DNS tab, I’d like to know how to do that, I just need to know how to change the NS1 and NS2 of the domain to what was given to me by Cloudflare.

Thank you.

Hi @creativemindglobal,

Apologies if I have misunderstood, but I believe what you are saying is that you have transferred the domain name to Cloudflare Registrar but the nameservers no longer point to Cloudflare.

If so, your old registrar probably reset them on the way out and you will need to contact Cloudflare support to get them to reset the nameservers.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post. Here’s a bit of background on Cloudflare Support for reference:

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I’ve done that. Thanks a lot!