Transferred domain and nameservers aren't Cloudflare's


I have a problem like this one:

I was at Namecheap, my domain expired mid-transfer, and this is what I have via dig:

   IN	  NS
   IN   NS

I tried filing a ticket, but it was particularly condescending to see support emails say “If you move to a paid plan, you’ll move up the queue”. I already paid when I moved the domain for a service that was supposedly seamless.

The transfer’s complete and the domain’s at Cloudflare, but how long would it take to fix this manually? Anyone else have luck?


As you can’t yet change the nameservers in CF Registrar, only support can really assist you in this case. Sorry.


Contact Support, Crate a Ticket. This action has to be done manually by cloudflare.


Thanks - I guess I’ll wait five days or whatever their support queue says


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Can you send the ticket number here? We never modify nameservers during a transfer; it looks like the losing registrar seized those on its way out the door. Happy to change immediately.


Request (#1642984) - Thank you