Transferred domain and nameservers aren't Cloudflare's

I have a problem like this one:

I was at Namecheap, my domain expired mid-transfer, and this is what I have via dig:

   IN	  NS
   IN   NS

I tried filing a ticket, but it was particularly condescending to see support emails say “If you move to a paid plan, you’ll move up the queue”. I already paid when I moved the domain for a service that was supposedly seamless.

The transfer’s complete and the domain’s at Cloudflare, but how long would it take to fix this manually? Anyone else have luck?

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As you can’t yet change the nameservers in CF Registrar, only support can really assist you in this case. Sorry.

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Contact Support, Crate a Ticket. This action has to be done manually by Cloudflare.

Thanks - I guess I’ll wait five days or whatever their support queue says

@cloonan @SamRhea

Can you send the ticket number here? We never modify nameservers during a transfer; it looks like the losing registrar seized those on its way out the door. Happy to change immediately.


Request (#1642984) - Thank you