Transferred DNS from Godaddy to iFastNet. What about Cloudfare?

Hi there,

I have a domain which I purchased through Godaddy and my hosting is with iFastNet. I have updated the DNS in the past from Godaddy towards iFastNet.

As of yesterday I joined Cloudflare, and now I’m unsure where to change the DNS. At the moment it is pending and I changed it on Godaddy. But I’m not sure if this then blocks the connection with my hosting company, iFastNet?

Or should I have left Godaddy DNS settings as it was, directed to iFastNet? Then add both DNS to the account here, and on iFastNet?

Thank you

You need to go to GoDaddy and have your domain set to use Cloudflare DNS:

This is assuming you’ve already started the Add Domain process here at Cloudflare:

Hi, thanks for the reply, and apologies for my delay.

I did that exact thing you suggested but my hosting provider said it wasn’t right using 2 separate DNS.

Is Cloudflare supposed to work as an addition to my regular hosting to help improve the overal speed?


We provide a variety of services that are intended to improve site performance and/or security. Many features do both, to varying degrees, but for the most part we cache content from your site and help get it to your site visitors faster. And we shield your site from different types of malicious attacks.

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Thank you Ryan.

Is it possible to use my hosting DNS and the Cloudflare?


  1. Activate through one of our certified hosting partners.
  2. Ask for a CNAME setup (BIZ and ENT plans only).