Transferir dominio vencido desde cloudflare a otro provedor

Soy el dueño de el cual vencio hace poco, lo tenia en cloudflare, lo estoy tratando de renovar con otro provedor y me dice que esta bloqueado por parte de cloudflaree

If it expired in the past ~30 days, then it is still on a hold. You can either renew in Cloudflare and then transfer (after 30 days) or wait for the time to be up and purchase in the new host, but other people will also be able to purchase it.

Gracias por su respuesta, paso mas de 30 dìas desde que vencio, en cloudflare ya no me aparece la opción para renovar y si intento registrarlo de nuevo me apararece que ya esta registrado

If you check your domain here: ICANN Lookup do you see the registered date after it expired? It could people that someone already purchased it.

Gracias de nuevo, ICANN Lookuo arroja la siguiente información:


  • Registry Expiration: 2024-04-24 06:03:30 UTC
  • Updated: 2023-04-29 15:03:43 UTC
  • Created: 2023-04-24 06:03:30 UTC

You mentioned that the domain expired.

Historic WHOIS data shows the domain was dropped (ie totally deleted from the registry, available for anyone else to register it) on 19 Mar, 2023.

The domain was created (ie registered again after it was deleted) on 24th April, 2023.

Are you the one who re-registered the domain on 24th April?

If not, then someone else has registered the domain – after you left it to expire and it got deleted – and you may have lost it completely.

Note that it takes over 2 months from the date a domain expires before it gets deleted and becomes publicly available for anyone to register again. So it seems this domain was left to expire for a long time.


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