Transfering my domain to cloudflare

Greetings everyone.
Today i got a domain from, after talking about it with a professor of mine, he suggested me that i’d move the domain to cloudflare becuase register is, and i quote, “dumb”.
Now, i modified the DNS in the dashboard on, and when i go to transfer on cloudflare, it says that the transfer condition is not met. I’m not sure what else i am supposed to do. when i go to to see whats’up it talks about a DNSsec request that is still being processed, altough cloudflare says that my domain is now protecting my site. Any idea what is going on? it’s the first time i’ve been working with domains and such. Thank you very much for your time. Also im not sure if this is also needed, but the domain i got is

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community!

There’s two things I see:

  1. Generally after registering a domain (or moving it), you can not transfer it for 60 days after. It looks like you created the domain earlier today.
  2. Sadly, Cloudflare Registrar does not support .it domains

You can use Cloudflare CDN with all its features, Cloudflare can simply not be your registrar.

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