Transfering .io domain


I’ve recently purchased an .io domain at namecheap. I have the authorization code and my domain is unlocked. However, the .io domain does not show up in the list of domains available for transfer, nor in the list of unavailable transfers.

My question is, how do I move to cloudflare / use cloudflare as the primary dns for my .io domain?

The reason it doesn’t show up in either of the lists is, I think, because Cloudflare doesn’t support .io as a reseller. The “Unavailable transfers” is a list of TLDs they do support but which you cannot transfer to them because of a lock of some sort. It doesn’t show TLDs they do not support.

You can still use Cloudflare as you DNS by setting the nameservers of your domain to cloudflare. Just start adding a new domain to Cloudflare and it will guide you through the process and tells you which nameservers to use. After that all your DNS management goes through Cloudflare, I have the same with my .dev domain.