Transfering in domains when nameservers point to another provider

The setup: We need to transfer in domains from other hosting platforms into Cloudflare, however the name servers at the current provider point to Netlify which we use to host the website, these websites are live. As the only way to transfer into Cloudflare domains is by changing the name servers on the existing provider how can we do that and still maintain the site being delivered by Netlify?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there.

There’s some guidance here on minimising downtime when migrating to Cloudflare’s nameservers: Minimize downtime · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

If you do not want to change nameservers at all, our Business and Enterprise plans offer CNAME setups which allow you to proxy via Cloudflare using CNAME records from your existing nameservers: Partial (CNAME) setup · Cloudflare DNS docs

I cannot personally say I’ve used Netlify, but they do provide their own integration here it seems which you may find useful: Cloudflare | Netlify Integrations

Hope that helps!

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Ok thanks thats good news. What is the pricing on the business plan? Being able to do it via CNAME would be much better.

Hiya. You can find all information on our plans, features and pricing here: Our Plans | Pricing

And the CNAME transfers are not available with Pro?

Configure your DNS on Cloudflare before you update the nameservers at your domain registrar.

Netlify has a guide on how to configure external DNS.

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