Transfering from Cloudflare


I’m trying to transfer from Cloudflare to Hostinger. I have unlocked the domain but when I enter the new registrar tag it says: Domain k********l.*o.*k transfer out failed (Code: 10000).

So I tried getting a code but that failed with the same error.

Am I doing anything wrong?



Does your domain currently meet the transfer requirements?

NB: Note that even though ICANN’s 60-day lock may not apply to .UK domains (being a ccTLD), registrars can – and often do – enforce this limit, and the Cloudflare .UK documentation linked below notes that “For security reasons, domains transferred to Cloudflare Registrar are locked for 60 days before they can be transferred out to another Registrar.” This may apply to domains registered with Cloudflare as well.

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That 10000 error indicates something is wrong on the dash. Can you clear browser cache and try again? I took steps to fix that.

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