Transfering domains is broken

Whenever I try to transfer a domain to Cloudflare, the “Confirm and Finalize Transfer” button doesn’t work.
I was able to transfer domains previously.

One of the domains (a .me account, I didn’t move it to Cloudflare in the previous years as it wasn’t supported) gives me:
SparrowInvalidPropertiesError: Found invalid properties on event: “Transfer Step”

The other domains are .com and the transfer shouldn’t be an issue.

In all cases, no errors or XHR requests are fired when clicking on the button, nothing really happens. Maybe a simple frontend bug?

Can you confirm that this doesn’t work in a different browser and/or a private/incognito window?

If you are still having problems then you will need to contact the Registrar Support Team. To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Make sure you select Registrar as the category so it goes to the right team, please post your ticket number here as well.

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