Transfering domains from a cloudflare account to another cloudflare account


We are taking over management of some sites from another Cloudflare account.

Is there away we can get this transfered to our Cloudflare without logging into the original domains DNS / Cpanel as we don’t have the details

I’m afraid that’s not just be possible that way! If there’s so, I think community members may enlighten you.

Assuming that you are talking about DNS management and not domain registration, the answer is mostly yes, depending on what your expectations are.

You simply add the domain to the desired Cloudflare account and update the nameservers at the registrar as instructed.

You will need to confirm that all DNS records are correct, just like you would in any other new zone setup.

See Move a domain between Cloudflare accounts and Step 1: Adding your domain to Cloudflare
for reference material.

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