Transfering domain to Cloudflare, that expired during transfer?

So I started the transfer on the 9th, everything seemed fine. I was charged $6.50 for the new year, however I’m confused as to why in the “manage” tab the payment doesn’t have a check, the domain says expired. It expired on the 10th, today is the 11th. And it seems to be waiting for the original registrar to complete the transfer? I’m fine right? I just need to wait on the original registrar to finalize everything? They don’t seem to have a “speed-up” method.

Maybe. And that is quite literal, as the documentation says this:
If your domain has expired, you may be able to transfer the domain.

Cloudflare recommends that domains should have at least 15 days remaining if you want to transfer it to Cloudflare.

Is the domain currently still resolving?

See also here: Transfer your domain to Cloudflare · Cloudflare Registrar docs


As of this morning no it doesn’t appear to be.

What is the current STATUS of the domain from a public WHOIS query? And who is the Registrar?


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