Transfering a site from one CF account to another

I recently took over the domain, and I want to transfer this domain from his account to one of my own. The domain in question is NOT registered through CF.

The former owner sent me an invite to “join and manage” his account, which I accepted. Now I have my own login to CF and I can see the former owners account, as well as what I assume is my new account. I cannot see any of the former owners billing info, etc. In the former owners acct, I can see all the DNS settings etc.

Is this the correct setup for essentially taking over the account and getting control of the domain into my name so the former owner can cancel his account? If so, how is this best accomplished?

If not, then I suppose that I need to follow the procedure outlined in the CF article: Move a domain between Cloudflare accounts · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs
Assuming that this is the case, is the account that I have created the correct vehicle for getting this done?

Thanks in advance.

To move the site into your new Cloudflare account, you would add it as a new site to your account, then re-create the DNS entries that you can see in the seller’s account. Finally, at the domain registrar, you would change the nameservers to the ones your new account is specifying.

Basically, open two browser tabs, one on the seller’s account and one on yours, and make sure the DNS entries are all created correctly in your new account. If you do this before changing the nameservers at the registrar, there will be no downtime when you make the change.

The alternate method would be for him to add you as a Super-Administrator on his account. Then he removes himself, and the account now belongs to you. If it’s a paid account you would have to change the billing information, obviously. This will only work if the site you bought is the only one in the seller’s account.


I thought this is how it would go. I already exported the DNS file from the former owners account. If I import this, then I should not have to manually add DNS entries, correct?

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Yes, I forgot about that much easier option when writing my reply. :man_facepalming:t2:

Export from his, import to yours, no need to do it manually.

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Be sure to look for any other settings that will need to be recreated by hand (or via API), such as config rules, redirect rules, cache rules, page rules, WAF rules, IP access lists, etc.

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