Transfering a domain to a new website

I have followed the tutorial when it comes to pointing my domain name to a new web server.

However the tech support at greengeeks said all that is required is changing the DNS. They didn’t say anything about the A names.

Will this be resolved automatically like they said or do I need to go in and make changes to these? Where do I find the information for A name changes?

Not a domain name itself but I have two copies of my website on different web servers. I am trying to make sure cloudflare sees the new one rather than the old one. Greegeeks just told me to the change the DNS which hasn’t changed anything. It’s still bringing up the old website.

What else do I need to change? A names?

If you’re on Cloudflare and move your site to a different server, you just update DNS here with the new server info.

The Public IP address won’t change, because your Cloudflare account isn’t changing. But Cloudflare will direct requests to the new server behind the scenes because you update your private DNS info.

To test this out, go to the new server and make a change, then see if it shows up on your site. Just to be sure, do a Purge Everything of the Cloudflare cache after you make the change.

It didn’t work.

I changed just the DNS. And waited an hour it was bringing up the old website (I changed the logo for the new website).

The old website was still coming up. Chatted with Greengeeks and they said I needed to update the ip address to my new IP since I am switching away from one host to a new hosting company. But the website is obviously broken currently.

I should point out that my domain is hosted by Google and using cloudflare defaults DNS settings.

So I was just trying to figure out what I needed to change inside of cloudflare since if I point my website to Greengeeks then it’s not going through cloudflare.

Greengeeks just recommended changing the DNS inside of cloudflare which I did, nothing happens still brought up the old website. Then they recommended I change the IP address to match the new IP address and like I said the website is down. I guess I need to give it a few.

Oh I see what you are saying.

So should I just change the name servers on Google to the point to the new host? I thought the point was to point them at cloudflare?

Cloudflare works like regular DNS. Your DNS records here should match the DNS records of where ever you’re hosting your site.

It sounds like your domain registrar is Google, but you shouldn’t have to do anything there if you already set your domain to use Cloudflare’s name servers.

If you’d like more specific help, post your domain name, and pictures of the DNS pages here and at Greengeeks. Go ahead and black out the last half of the IP addresses so they look like 12.34.xx.xx.

The solution as it turns out…is when you are moving from one host to another you need to go in and only change the IP addresses listed in the DNS settings.

So for instance, if your old hosting is 127.30.xx.xx

Change your new IP address to match your current host and you will resolve the issue. Nothing else needs to be changed but for some reason the documentation does not list this fact. They lead you in every possibly other direction but never mention just change the IP Addresses and you are good.

Keep in mind this is with Cloudflare already installed and moving from one host to another. Otherwise the process is different.

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