Transfered domain from Namecheap to our Cloudflare account

We helped our client to transfer their domain from Namecheap to our Cloudflare account. The DNS records were updated to point to our servers, but yet, it seems that the domain is still trying to resolve to some old DNS records that they had with Shopify. It seems they also might have been using Cloudflare with their previous configuration, but with different account (to which they don’t have access to). Maybe Cloudflare is still trying to resolve both configurations? Please let me know what can we do to solve the issue. Thanks!

The issue you are describing sounds like this:

However that issue should have been fixed now so I’m unclear if it’s that or something else.

Hi @domjh ! Thanks for the feedback. I understand, but there is definitely something stuck. The A record points to our server’s IP (as the other 20+ domains do). In that server (Rackspace) all domains are correctly configured. Every other domain works, except this one, which, for some reason, is still pointing to the old server that casually, was also using Cloudflare. I don’t know what else could be causing the mentioned issue.

Perhaps it is still a lingering case of that, give Liberate the Hostname a try in that tutorial I linked.

@domjh i just used the Liberate tool. I’m able to add the TXT record, but I get this error message when trying to add the CNAME record that Liberate is instructing me to (see attached image).

When using the “Check the Hostname” tool, I always get a “pending” response. The modification was done around 30 minutes ago (probably because i am unable to add the requested CNAME record).

You’ll need to temporarily remove the A or CNAME record for the root domain pointing to your server so you can free the hostname by adding that record. Once that’s complete you can point the domain back to your server.

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@domjh thank you very much for your help, this fixed the issue. The Liberate tool was exactly what I needed (it seems this is still needed in some specific cases). Went from pending, to active, to liberated in a matter of minutes. Cheers!


Glad to hear the issue is resolved.