Transfered domain from another registrar to GoDaddy. DNS still with CloudFare


I transfered 2 domains from a clients registar to GoDaddy, however DNSs are still showing under Cloudfare control:

Is there a way to force deletion? Been waiting for more than a week to propagate.


If you simply transfer registrar the Name Servers usually are maintained. You need to go into the registrar settings and set them to default or to whoever you want to move to.

Every record need to be added to the new authoritative DNS, otherwise the missing records won’t work.


That´s the issue, transfered the domains two weeks ago but DNS records haven´t updated at all, and they appear locked from CloudFare. Haven´t been able to edit them at GoDaddy.


You have to update everything from GoDaddy’s side. Here is a guide.

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