Transfered 7 Domains now all say invalid date and have wrong DNS


I tried to submit a ticket but when I do it does not allow me to select a domain so I cannot submit ticket.

I had transfered about 10 domains in the past and I had no issues, yesterday I tranfered 7 domains, the problem is I was not using them so the dns was not correct and they had privacy turned on. Now they all say invalid date and they are pointing to a old cloudflare nameserver. I was planning on getting one of the websites build by end of day. I had not read the instructions for transfers because I had already done a bunch and I was in a hurry not sure if something changed. I cannot cancel transfer because I already approved it from my other domain provider. I cannot use the domains until te nameserver is updated to the new cloudflare dns, and I would like any date issues to be resolved. I was looking into updating with api but 2 hours and I have not been able to figure it out. Please help me!! and thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @poginator you mentioned 10 and 7 domains here and asked Support about 12 of them…can you clarify here or on your ticket 2281208 which domains are at issue?

I see you have two different pairs of nameservers in use on your account and some of them appear to be propagating, but any clarification you can offer is helpful. Thank you & sorry for the pain.

I replied to the ticket with the 12 domains that have a issue, I did not change the nameserver before I transferred them, I made a mistake. now they are pointed to a old cloudflare nameserver or a namesilo nameserver. They also all say invalid date

I had transferred a bunch of domains before but the nameserver was correct so when I did it this second time I didn’t bother to read all of the instructions I apologize

if you do not see the update on ticket let me know thank you so much

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So I figured out the DNS issue it was just the SSL was on and since these are new domains that I did not setup yet it had to be turned off, I apologize.

We still have the issue that those 10 domains say invalid date, I was charged for each one a extra year when I transferred is there any issue with the expiration date. All the 10 say invalid date.

Thank you and sorry about the DNS issue, it was something I just happened to miss

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