Transfer zone from Cloudflare to Cloudflare


I want to transfer two domains from one Cloudflare account A to another B (B is ready and configured for those two domains).

As this article

mentions I run into the problem that in Europe the cache is not updating

–> “Important exception for European registrars”

It says:

“Cloudflare’s nameservers respond with the previous Cloudflare nameservers for the domain.
In such cases it is not be possible to migrate Cloudflare without contacting Cloudflare support. Create a ticket to support from the Old zone asking the domain to be purged.”

How can I open such a support ticket? I can only find this community form here?

Thanks a lot

In the same page (under support) there is the Help Center, in there, once you login, you can create a ticket. You need to open any article and scroll to the bottom.

I know it’s cumbersome, @cloonan can something be made to simplify this?

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