Transfer without disabling whois protection


In a few days, at begging of decembar I plan to transfer a domain to Cloudflare. There’s just one issue — to transfer you’re required to disable whois protection.

as there are ARCHIVES of whois history data readily available, disabling it at any point renders any future protection useless.

so my question is, is it possible to do a transfer without disabling whois privacy at all? and if so how and what i have to do?

Hello there,

It’s possible in Cloudflare, however, it could have certain repercussion, just as the doc says:

In most cases, domains may be transferred even if WHOIS privacy services 
have been enabled. However, some registrars may prohibit the transfer
if the WHOIS privacy service has been enabled.

Read the guidelines here:

Seems, you just have a choice.

i already got my transfer-out auth code or however they call it with whois privacy still on.

my current registrar also states that

with an anonymized email address in the form of “[email protected]”. . This anonymized email address will forward any mail to the email address you provided when you registered the domain.

so receiving the FOA email shouldn’t be an issue either.

so i should be fine?

There shouldn’t be any issue if the registrar doesn’t have one.


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