Transfer website settings and repoint original domain

Hey, hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I have a website online and configured (it’s been up a while) however, due to me missing the domain name renewal in an external registrar, I had to add the website under my secondary domain.

I have since purchased the primary domain through cloudflare (probs not relevant) and want to switch everything over.

All the settings and security / caching is currently configured on “secondary . com” with “primary . com” setting there empty.

Part 1:
How do I transfers all the settings from website “secondary . com” to “primary . com”

Part 2:
How can I ensure that every URL from “secondard . com” redirects to “primary . com”.

I’m wanting to upgrade this to a paid account but obviously only on “primary . com”, “secondary . com” is just an alias for “primary . com” but cannot be a CNAME as that would create SEO issues with duplicate content.

Thanks in advance. Any advice / links to steps is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,
Gary D.

Hi @garydouble,

This is unfortunately not that easy, you will need to make sure all the settings match yourself.

This just needs a page rule configured on


@domjh ah okay.
Thank you for the reply and the link. I’ll check out the guide and see where I get to.


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As @domjh said, it’s not easy, as Cloudflare doesn’t have such a feature, but you can look into Terraform. Personally, for just one domain, I’d manually compare settings because it’s faster than setting up Terraform.


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