Transfer to New Hosting Service

I have my site hosted currently in GoDaddy, (using WordPress). I recently shifted my domain name to Clouflare from GoDaddy. I am going to change my web hosting as well. What I would like to do is have a clean slate. I will not need site migration as will redo my website. I want to have all the databases reset and no clutter from the previous host.

What steps should I follow. Any tips would be appreciated.

Cloudflare doesn’t have any of your site data. It’s just DNS. And as long as your DNS points to the correct server, you’re all set as far as Cloudflare is concerned.

So when DNS values change when i switch the hosting service, it gets updated automatically in Cloudflare?

Sorry, you need to keep your DNS records here up to date manually.

How do i reset DNS records here?

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