Transfer to Cloudflare [RESOLVED]

I want to transfer DNS zone from my current registrar to Cloudflare, but they requested registrar’s legal name and registrar ID. I can’t find such info on page or in other places.


CloudFlare, Inc.

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Thank you for reply, in UA most regional registrar require:

  1. Official letter with Name, Second name, phone number, date, sign
  2. For persons: passport scans, For organizations: registration document

And in official letter must bu described this info I requested.

Thank you, strange that this not described in docs

This is not a normal request, and in fact with a .com or other gTLD they are in violation of their registrar agreement to require such.

They may not actually require it either, instead using a “dark ui pattern” where they might just have a scary looking form as part of the unlock process, knowing that this would sound official but also knowing that it isn’t so many registrars won’t have such published in obvious places — the idea being that you’ll voluntarily stop your request (despite you intending to proceed) and end up deciding to not bother.

Or maybe this is a ccTLD, or some other domain type that isn’t bound by the standard gTLD agreements, in which case all bets are off.

Yep, this .com TLD, and I say you that in Ukraine most of registrars has such practice, no matter what TLD transfer is requested. I was be glad if CloudFlare will support .ua,,, but now I only can transfer .com to CloudFlare from that domains we use.