Transfer to Cloudflare from Site Ground

*I currently have my name servers pointing to siteground and due to some partnership between the two companies (SiteGround & Cloudflare), I was able to use Cloudflare as my CDN.

Siteground as you are already aware has its own CDN which does not work well with my site.

I would like to continue to use Cloudflare but I want to ensure I am doing the transfer properly to avoid any downtime.

  1. Can you please advise on how I should proceed?

currently, in my DNS editor, I have so many different records. Some are for email service others are for my sub-domains.

would I need to manually transfer each one of these records? or does Cloudflare copy all of them?

I also know that I have to point my nameservers to Cloudflare, which is easy, I just would like to ensure there is no downtime.

Please advise.

Thank you

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