Transfer to another cloudflare account

we have domain , was managed by a vendor on cloudlfare by his own account,
company decided to have Cloudflare account and have it by themselves,
(By mistake) New site was created www.
.com NOT,
then nameservers was replaced by the registrar, but the mistake was later discovered after 3 days,
the website in the new Cloudflare is pending → because it is looking for different domain,
website disappeared, because it is pointing to nameserver but website is not possible to be added on Cloudflare,as when we add www. to Cloudflare it refuses and says not registered domain,
anyone could advise?

I am not sure of the domain you are adding, are you still having an issue?

If that were your domain, it would be that you would add, what you shared is not a registered domain.

How’s it going, did you get this working?

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