Transfer the deleted and expired Domain from Google to Cloudflare


I have a .com domain, which was registered with Google Domains.

The domain has expired and been deleted from Google Domains also shows Expired there, privacy is set to off and has correct owner information.

However, when i am trying to transfer it to Cloudflare, it shows ‘You currently have no domains available for transfer to Cloudflare.’

When i go to Register Domain, it shows: is unavailable because it is registered already. If you already own this domain and wish to transfer in to Cloudflare, please go to [Transfer Domains] section in the dashboard.

on ICANN Lookup it shows: Registrar Information as Google LLC.

I really want to move this domain to Cloudflare asap. Please help. Thank you very much in advance.

Hello there,

The correct info is in the doc. Would you check the CF requirement for transferring he domain from other registrar?

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This means that the domain is no longer yours to transfer. If you are lucky and the domain is still in the redemption period you will be able to renew it at the current registrar. It may have a substantial redemption fee levied.


Thank you very much for your kind response.
Google is asking me to pay $108 to restore.
Should I wait for it to pass the redemption period and let it be available and then buy it again using Cloudflare?

It depends on whether you are willing to risk losing it. The domain could be acquired by someone else once the redemption period ends.

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