Transfer status Unknown but money removed from Paypal

I filed a domain transfer for my domain.
It accepted the EPP code and after I went through the Paypal payment process I got an error that payment might have failed (didn’t get a screenshot :/) even though I see the money removed from my Paypal account.

Now I am not sure what the status is of the domain transfer as I didn’t get a mail from my current registrar or from Cloudflare. And in the Cloudflare dashboard it shows Status: Unknown.

Support ticket: #1730744

Hi @Glennmen,

Sounds a bit odd! When I look at the domain, it has the clientTransferProhibited status and shows as being, I suspect you will have to let support figure this one out, i’m afraid!

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Hi @domjh,

I did contact support and they confirmed that the payment went through but the transfer wasn’t in their system. So I tried again and it worked, now need to work out with support to get my money back from the first try but I don’t expect any issues with this.

Funny thing about the clientTransferProhibited is that I checked before transfer and I am 100% sure that it wasn’t locked, I think my previous registrar auto locked it when the transfer was triggered. I contacted their support and they told my that I locked it which I am sure that I didn’t.

Anyways glad it worked out.