Transfer some Cloudflare Registered Domains to New account

We have an employee who is leaving our company. He had our domains registered on his personal email account with Cloudflare. He also has other domains registered on his personal account that are not our companies. So we need to transfer only our companies domains to a new account on Cloudflare from his. So he can’t just change the email associated with his account to one we control as how support has been telling us how to switch SuperAdmin. They are all registered on Cloudflare as well so the nameservers cant just be changed which support also suggested. I’ve been going back and forth with Support but they don’t understand or just have not been able to help. Wondering if anyone knows if there’s a way to do that?

This article says its not possible but that’s not an option for us we need to transfer them

This is a multi step process, and there is no way to make it easier. There is no magic you can do to get Cloudflare to move a domain between accounts without you having to do work.

  1. Transfer the domains to a Registrar under the companies control. (I.e. don’t transfer them into an account on a staff members personal account.) The nameservers should stay the same, so this change should be invisible to the public.

  2. Create a new Cloudflare account. Ideally with multiple company managed email addresses. Potentially use a shared role-based user as the Super administrator.

  3. Add each domain to this new account. Don’t change the nameservers at your Registrar.

  4. Carefully, and thoroughly, manually copy all existing configuration from the old account to this new account. (You could use Terraform to do this, but probably quicker to do manually).

  5. Decide how to manage the SSL switchover. Cloudflare cannot generally issue a certificate until a zone is activated. But there is a gap when there is no certificate. If you cannot tolerate this gap, purchase ACM or use a custom certificate.

  6. Switch nameservers to the new pair you were given for each domain.

Once this is done you can decide if you want to change the Registrar back to Cloudflare.


So what you are saying is we have to switch registers away from Cloudflare? There is no possible way to keep them on Cloudflare like a manual change from support? I just can’t comprehend how the solution is to move paying customers away from Cloudflare.

If you are an Enterprise customer maybe talk to your CSM. Even then I believe the answer is transfer out.

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