Transfer Site to a new cloudflare account

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I’m removing a site from my Cloudflare account to another Cloudflare account (both free plans). Is there a way to change the nameservers on the Source Site Account?

If you are using Cloudflare Registrar you will have to transfer the Account out to another Registrar.

If you are not using Cloudflare, you essentially have to recreate all the settings associated with the domain on the new account, and then change the nameservers. Instructions are given here:

There really is no easy way to migrate all the settings. You can try using Terraform to do this for you, but if that is not something you usually use you would be faster recreating the settings by hand.

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The settings are quite simple. There are only 6 DNS records. All I need to do is to change the name servers to the “new” account holder’s name servers. (minimizing that one). If I were on a paid version, looks like I could use custom name servers.

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