Transfer Process from Owner to a New Owner

We sold the company and need to transition everything to the new owner. I’m inexperienced at this and am not very well-versed in web development - so I’m sorry but I’ll need you to dumb it down for me. I believe the best steps are listed below, but if you see a better way to do this can you please share that with me?

  1. Transfer Godaddy domain name
  2. Migrate website to the new WP Engine account
  3. Create a new cloudflare account and add all new dns records then delete my current account

Is it possible to keep the DNS records as is and transfer to the new owner? I’d like to find an easier way than step 3.

Thank you so much!!!

Why not just give your existing accounts/passwords to the new owner? If you sold the company, those accounts would usually belong to the new owners anyway.

I can’t do that because we have 2 additional websites on our WP Engine account. We have 3 companies and we need to transfer the 1

I assume you have nothing else on your Cloudflare account if you want to delete it afterwards, so why not just hand over the existing account?

Then you’ll probably move that site to a new account, but that has nothing to do with Cloudflare.

I understand. I think I need to reword my question: When I migrate the website, does that affect my DNS records that are here on Cloudflare?

Whether your address changes when migrating the site to a new wpengine account is something you’d have to ask wpengine.

If it does change, you’ll have to update your records here in Cloudflare as well.

okay thank you. If DNS Records stay the same, can I transfer this site to a new Cloudflare account?

I’m not sure I understand the question.

You can move your domain to a new Cloudflare account whenever you like. Whether your DNS records stay the same or not has nothing to do with that.

However, I don’t see a reason to do so. Moving your domain to a new Cloudflare account is likely to cause problems if you don’t know what you’re doing. At the very least, it would probably break your SSL setup if you only copy your DNS records to the new account.

Hmm maybe if I give more context it’ll make sense. Thank you for being patient with me.

When I login to my cloudflare account, I have two domains. Both are actively tracking. Someone purchased my 1 domain so I need to separate them and give this 1 domain to the new owner while maintaining my 2nd one as is. My understanding is that when I move a domain to a new Cloudflare account, all data transfers with it - including the DNS records. Is that correct?

And then if I do understand this correctly, is there a tutorial to show me how to move a cloudflare domain to a new account?

It is not. Nothing transfers. No DNS, nor rules, no certificates, nothing.

You can export the DNS.

The new owners will want to make sure that everything is in order before you change the nameservers at the registrar.

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Ok, that makes more sense, though it is in clear contradiction to what you wrote before:

You should not delete your old account if you intend to keep using it for your other domain.

No, that is incorrect. Cloudflare attempts to copy your DNS records to a new account, but nothing else. And even importing DNS record will fail if you are using the Cloudflare proxy. If you are not using the Cloudflare proxy, it is still unlikely this imports all records, especially email related ones.

Generally, to move your domain to a new account, create a new account, add the domain and then go through every setting and rule on every page in your old and new account and make sure they are the same.
Then, if you are using Origin certificates, you need to issue one on the new account and install it on your website. After that, change the nameservers assigned to your domain in Godaddy’s settings.

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IANAL… but taking a step back, unless your sale and purchase agreement specifically says you must do this on behalf of the buyer, I wouldn’t do ANY of these at all. It is the buyer’s responsibility to do all these, your job should be to facilitate the transfers by providing the necessary account information (eg unlocking domain, provide AUTH key for the domain, etc).

There are practical reasons why the buyer should handle these:

  1. They may have domains with (or simply prefer) a different registrar
  2. They may have or choose to use a different host other than WPEngine
  3. They may have an existing Cloudflare account, or choose to NOT use Cloudflare at all.

Perhaps most importantly, letting the buyer handle the transfers into their own accounts buys you the plausible deniability of ever knowing the passwords associated with these new domain/hosting/Cloudflare accounts.

Just my 2 cents (and experience of having bought and sold several domains and websites over a lifetime).

Good luck!

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