Transfer paid CF services between websites?

Hello, I have multiple websites on Cloudflare. My main website has a few paid services: Accelerated Gigabytes, Argo Zone Level Plan - Basic, and Cloudflare Workers.

How can I transfer these paid services from the main website they’re on to another of my websites (already in CF)?

In other words, both websites (“main” (old), and “new”) still exist, but I’ve stopped posting to the main website and am rerouting much of the traffic to the new one.

I’ve paid for these services on the old site and would prefer to switch them over to new site versus double paying. But, if it can’t be done then I guess I’ll just cancel after the month is up on the old site and put services on the new one.


This is the easiest approach. As today is the last day of the month, this may be the end of your billing cycle.

To answer your question, subscriptions can’t be transferred between domains. You’d have to cancel one and start a new one. If it’s mid-cycle, you could email billing@, but it’s a bit cumbersome.

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Thanks for your reply. It doesn’t end the billing cycle. That is dependent on which day you signed up.

That makes sense, which is why I said it may be the end of your cycle. Only you know that date.

Right :slight_smile:

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