Transfer old content to new domain

I no longer have my old domain and have bought a new one that I want the site that was on the old domain transfered to.
I have set up the DNS for the new domain on cloudflare and tried to use a Page Rule to redirect the old site with 301 redirect but it does not work. (nameservers are correct)
The page rule is set on the new domain to 301 redirect the new domain to the old domain.

Is this because I no longer have controll over the DNS of my old site?

Thinking that maybe changing the root folder of the old site and changing the dns settings to the new site could work but can’t find a way to do that.

Absolutely. If you don’t have the previous domain any more, it can’t load your site either.

It’s best to talk to your host, so that they configure your hosting for the new domain. Once your new domain loads fine on HTTPS you can add it to Cloudflare and it should work just fine.

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