Transfer of ownership

I don’t host at cloudflare but have my named servers on cloudflare to speed up my site. I’m sellilng my business and need the process to transfer my account to the new business owner. All of the suggestions on the automated help are about transferring ownership of a domain.


The most straight-forward way of doing this may be to start with the transfer of the domain. Once you do that, the new owner will be able to make changes to the nameservers. If they setup a new account, they’ll have two nameservers assigned to them and they’ll be able to instruct the domain registrar to make the change. An added benefit to them would be if you were to export the DNS records and share those with them. On the DNS app of the cloudflare dashboard:

That might help get them started, although they may still need to make changes for their need. Also, there is another party involved, your hosting provider. The new owner will need to make a decision to continue or change hosts and that may affect the origin IP.

Your account is linked to your email address so I don’t know that a transfer of the account itself is an option.

I’m assigning my networksolutions account to them and not transferring the URL so maybe I don’t need to do anyting?

If that account gives them control of the domain nameserver changes, then they should be good to go and can add to cf if they desire. (I am not tracking with/understanding “not transfering the url” nor what that means.)

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