Transfer of domain 'Unsupported'

Hi all,

I am trying to transfer a .nl domain from GoDaddy to Cloudflare, but in the Domain Registration / Transfer Domains overview I only see the status ‘Unsupported’ for my .nl and .dk domains.

Is there a way to transfer an .nl domain manually, or does Cloudflare really not support .nl domains…?

Thanks, Mark

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Welcome to the Cloudflare Community!

Sadly Cloudflare Registrar does not support .nl. or .dk domains at the moment. You can find the list of supported TLDs in the dashboard under Registrar → Register Domain → Supported Extensions or TLD Policies. CF Registrar is an at cost registrar/addon for existing customers and supporting TLDs takes a lot of paperwork and time. Those TLDs aren’t on the coming soon list either.

While you cannot transfer them to CF, you can use CF’s DNS/Nameservers/CDN with them while using an external Registrar. If you’re looking for the cheapest registrar, there’s a cool website which aggerates all of the Registrars pricing here: Cheapest .nl Domain Registration, Renewal, Transfer Prices | TLD-List

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