Transfer of domain stuck on Auth Code step

I’m trying to transfer a domain (domain suffix is “us”) to CF. Payment went through, but the Transfer Progress has been stuck. I’m supposed to “Enter auth code,” which I already did, but the step is grayed out. I “refreshed” the status, but it’s just stuck. Not sure what to do at this point. Seems like it’s a hiccup with CF.

What is the domain? You may want to login to your existing registrar to approve the transfer. Transfers can take several days to complete and if you can approve it at the current registrar that speeds the process.

I never received a notice to approve the transfer, although I did get a notice to approve transfers for a bunch of other domains I transferred into CF. It’s been about a week now, so it seems like something is wrong. uspaacc dot us

I’ll escalate this for my colleagues in the #website-application-performance:registrar team, I see the charge and also noticed the domain is showing as expired on your dash. Whois shows expiry date should be 2023-03-13.

Great. Thanks, @cloonan !

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Hi there-

A form would have been sent to your email that asks to complete the FOA. Once that is completed and approved on your end, the transfer will move to the next step. Can you confirm you have sent the FOA to us?


Please send me your domain name or a ticket number and I can look further into what is causing the delay.

I just received and submitted the FOA.


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Great- The system will now process the next steps if you have submitted the FOA.

My colleague @jkamphaus just confirmed the domain is now waiting on your approval on the godaddy site @eclectiv

Hello there,

The transfer succeed, the domain is now registered at Cloudflare Registrar.



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