Transfer of .com domain missing its extension

I transferred a domain to cloudflare that was renewed with the previous registrar a few weeks prior meaning it was due to expire in 2022. I understood that when I transferred the domain I would pay for an additional years extension expecting it to expire in 2023, however, it is still saying 2022 ~2 weeks after the transfer completed. I raised a ticket with cloudflare a week ago but no response, I suppose the price you pay for a cheap regisrar.

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated

Please post the ticket # so we can escalate it.

Ticket is #2322418

@laurie or @gloria will probably check this, but I’ll escalate it anyway.

thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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@sdayman @user14634 this was escalated internally and one of my coworkers has replied, but if you need further assistance, please let us know.
Thank you.


Hi @gloria unfortunately not, according to the person that replied although you billed me for another years extension it was not added and she closed the ticket. I’ve asked for it to be re-opened but appreciate any assistance you can give as it doesn’t seem fair.

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Sorry for the trouble, I see your ticket and reply, it’s open now and I have added myself in order to keep an eye on progress.

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Sorry for this continued issue, we will have escalate it back to our team and we will update your request, thank you for your patience.


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