Transfer, NS and Custom NS

I’ve been reading up here on the subjects of domain transfer and custom NS.
I wanted to verify a few things that I saw here in the community but couldn’t find reference to in the docs.

I created a website and added the domain I want to transfer the domain to CF but I don’t see it in the list of domains under Registrar in my account. My initial conclusion is that I’m unable to transfer because the NS haven’t been configured to CF’s. They are still the NS of the current registrar. Is that still the case with CF? Do I have to change the NS to CF in order to be able to transfer the domain to CF?

Second, assume that the transfer goes well. I understand that I cannot set the NS to a different DNS provider. The NS are always CF’s. Even if I added NS records on the root (@) it won’t work. Is that the case?

Again, I read up some posts here in the community to that effect but I want to make sure before proceeding with said transfer and NS change.


I didn’t perform a domain transfer previously so I can’t tell you an exact answer. Maybe another @MVP can help.

Yes. Once you start using Cloudflare as your registrar, you can’t switch to different nameservers.

Cloudflare Registrar only supports transfers of domains that are active on Cloudflare. Active domains on Cloudflare use nameservers assigned by Cloudflare.


Thanks @michael and @erictung!


100% true

Also 100% true (unless you’re running an enterprise plan)

You don’t even have this option (I’ve tried)

Thanks @jamison for confirming my initial thoughts.

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