Transfer My Domain to AWS Route53

Hi Guys,

I can’t change my Name Servers to custom without subscribing to an expensive Business package. This leaves me with a predicament and somewhat disillusioned.

I would like to know how to transfer my TLD from Cloudflare to AWS Route53. Can anyone please provide me with a step-by-step process to achieve this?

Much obliged!

You mean Cloudflare is your registrar at this point?

When did you transfer the domain? If it has been less than 60 days you’d need to wait until that period passes, after which you can regularly transfer the domain.

Hi Sandro,

Yes! Thank you for responding to my enquiry. I originally transferred my two domains into Cloudflare > 80 days ago. At the time it seemed like a great offer, as my domains were nearing renewal anyway.

However, not being able to use custom Name Servers is a deal breaker for me. It’s not that I have an issue with Cloudflare as a service provider. I just can’t afford the fee to buy this feature. At the time I made the decision to transfer I had not yet created a website with these domains. I use AWS for my hosting and it was whilst creating my 1st website last weekend that I discovered this problem. I already have 3 domains with websites on AWS & Route53 and everything works like a Swiss watch.

I have already searched for information on how to transfer my domains from Cloudflare to Route53 and cannot find the information I need from Cloudflare to kickstart the process. Transferring into Cloudflare was straightforward with my original registrar.

Can you or anyone else in the community help or guide me to make this move? I regret if this topic is uncomfortable for community. But, this decision is a personal one and nothing to do with Cloudflare and their well earned reputation.

I’d like to note - even for the Business plan, you stay on Cloudflare’s nameservers. They’re just branded (eg, Just a bit of naming conflict when they added the registrar product to an existing service that used the term “custom nameservers”.

Really sorry about your experience with being unable to change the nameservers to another DNS provider. This feature has been asked about many times before in the community but it does take development time to implement it.

You should be able to start the transfer process on the overview tab of the dashboard - let us know if this button isn’t showing up.


Hi Judge,

Thank you for your support. I appreciate it. I’ll follow your advice go and check the dashboard.

Much appreciated!

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Hi Judge,

Just wish to confirm that your advice was perfect. I found the button and have initiated the process.

I hope to return to Cloudflare at some point in the future as my requirements come up to the same standards as the professional services on offer. Thanks to you and Sandro for kindly providing advice and assistance.

Sincere appreciation!


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