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How do i transfer my cloudflare domain to another provider ?
thank you

If transfering out, then you pay the transfer process/renew at your new Domain registar and also attach (provide) the given EPP key to your new registar.

Kindly, here are more information provided with screenshots how to transfer out from Cloudflare registar:

In case if needed you can contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help or write an e-mail to contact[at]cloudflare[dot]com.

thank you for your quick reply , i have find it now , but transfer out Lock out button is greyed out , i can’t press it, i am not sure if its been 60 days.

What is the domain name?

Is the domain recently being registered?

There are certain situations that can prevent a domain name from being transferred to a different registrar, such as a new registration.
Your registrar may deny a transfer request if the domain name is within 60 days of initial registration. Another situation is if the domain name is subject to a 60-day Change of Registrant lock.
You cannot transfer a domain name to a different registrar within 60 days of making changes to the registrant name, organization or email address (or the Administrative Contact email address, if there is no registrant email address).

At their discretion, some registrars may provide an option for you to opt-out of this 60-day lock period. However, this rule is in place for your protection against unauthorized transfers and the registrar does not have to offer this option. If your ultimate goal is to transfer the domain name, you may want to consider completing the transfer process before changing your contact information.

Registrars also have the option of denying a transfer request within 60 days from when you last transferred the domain name to a different registrar.

domain name:

i have transfered this domain to cloudflare , but i need to transfred it out from here to another provider.

thank you

Okay, seems it is old enough due to WHOIS, but when have you transfered it to Cloudflare Registar?

Screenshot_2021-03-21 YaGliYurt com WHOIS, DNS, Domain Info - DomainTools

Regarding the transfer our, have you checked on the link from this post?:

If yes, have you tried writing a ticket to Cloudflare support?

Registered on February 4, 2020

do i need to still wait for 60 days ?

But when did you transfer registration to Cloudflare? It looks like you added the site to Cloudflare in January, so you’re probably very close to the 60 days.

i added in January i think i have 4 days left, i wish i can transfer it now, it looks like i need to wait for few days,
thank you for your time.

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